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Almondvale safe at last!

4 Dec

The Time Team, yesterday

Ever since erstwhile chairman, and serial asset-stripper, Pierce Brosnan first mooted selling off Almondvale Stadium for development, rumours have flown faster than a Ryanair flight from Edinburgh to Dublin.

Almondvale, now known as the British Motor Corporation Stadium, sits on a high value piece of land which enormously fat developers have been clamouring to own in order to erect an assortment of uniformly tasteless flats for as fast a buck as possible.  But what nobody has been aware of is that it also sits on top of the tomb of Egyptian Pharaoh Semerkhet I – until now!

Penalty spot

The Sunday Tabloid has learned that groundsman Stuart Javelins made the startling discovery when re-laying the North Stand end’s penalty spot.

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