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A tale of two teams

29 Nov
Chaz T, Tom C, Chinese and Mutter, yesterday

Livi supporters have been used to a rich diet of success over the past couple of years as back to back league championships have catapulted their team back into the First Division.

And with the ‘big’ teams success still fresh in their minds two groups of young fans have made the transition from the terracing to the pitch by forming football teams as they too strive to take on the best that opposition supporters teams can throw at them.

Step forward ‘FC Livingston JLS’ (JLS) and ‘L’Olympique Lion’ (LOL).

Good looking

JLS have gone from strength to strength; hammering LOL in the inauguration Stadium Cup four nil at the BMC and picking up best newcomers in the prestigious World Cup of Internet Supporters Teams which is held bi-annually in Cleethorpes, England every June.

 Fair to middling

LOL, unfortunately, have suffered a terrible run of results. Their record to date is played twenty lost twenty, several of them by double figures.

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