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Livi chef unmasked

3 Dec

'Fodder Foodstuffs' founder Simon Prowse, yesterday

Livingston FC was in shock last night as a warrant for the arrest of club head chef and school dinner entrepreneur Simon Prowse, 49, was issued by Llanfairpwllgwyngyll Police.


The Tabloid has been led to believe that shady Prowse has spent every spare moment since emigrating to Scotland in June 1977, from Wales, hawking tawdry second hand and knocked off Star Wars memorabilia around recession hit Scottish town and village markets.


Multi millionaire Prowse, who’s actual day job is to supervise his minimum wage school kitchen staff to ensure that they stick to rigid guidelines of one thin slice of yesterdays ham to a dry bread sandwich also found time to establish ‘Fodder Foodstuffs’ to provide the hospitality guests at Livi FC with equally poor portioned chow.


Charles Bunnet, in charge of changing Livi’s photocopier toner, told the Tabloid “Now that you come to mention it, it’s actually pretty obvious that he’s Darth Vader, isn’t it?

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