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Oh no he isn’t! Oh yes he is!

22 Dec

The MDB's seven dwarfs, yesterday

Chaos reigned last night at the annual Militant Drummer Boys (MDB) pantomime!

Not funny

The yearly multi coloured costume extravaganza was, as usual, taking place in the MDB’s gang hut; a disused Scout Hall on the banks of the Brox Burn in Uphall. It’s believed that ticket sales had been slow but an apparent late rush on the door had led to a shortage of sausage rolls at the buffet table causing frayed tempers before the usual array of ill thought out party songs about Dundee and Dunfermline had even started.

Under a Xmas tree?

Eye witness, Janette Tough, told the Tabloid “It was a farce from start to finish!

“We took our seats at half past seven and even then you could have cut the atmosphere with a knife due to the appalling shortage of cocktail sausages at the buffet table. I can see right up your nose, you know”

 Yuk, they’re horrible! 

Wee Jimmy Krankie and his/her Dad/Mum/Husband, yesterday

Janet’s husband, Ian, cut in abruptly “Stop that, Jimmy!

“Am awfy sorry aboot that!

“Anyway, yes it had been brewing all night and despite the apparent light hearted subject matter of the panto itself you just couldn’t help but notice the over bearing feeling of disenchantment from the MDB’s junior members about the crazy absence of traditional marmite flavoured Twiglets at the buffet table.

High heid yin 

“We thought that things had settled down when the MDB’s Grand Poobah at long last made his entrance, but my, what an entrance that proved to be!

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Exclusive! The MDB exposed!

26 Nov
The MDB, yesterday

Your super soaraway Tabloid has undercovered a secretive movement of  shouty people who move amongst the ordinary Livi fans on a matchday.

They are, we can exclusively reveal, the Militant Drummer Boys (MDB)!


Our Tabloid man on the inside managed to infiltrate their secret get together in a disused scout hall on the banks of the Brox Burn in nearby Uphall.

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