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Gordon MacDougall tells all!

1 Dec

McRaw, in happier times

The other day, writes a Tabloid reporter, the Tabloid brought you the shocking news of the sudden disappearance of  tvLIVI operative Stewart McRaw, 50, who apparently threw his toys out the pram after being denied the opportunity of a half time cup of tea during last Saturdays match versus Ross County at the BMC.

Well to do 

So in an attempt to locate the absent lollipop sucking video coadjutant the Tabloid sought out the advice of Morningside based Livi FC chairman Gordon MacDougall.

Gordon MacDougall, yesterday

5ft 1inch MacDougall, 85, warmly ushered our reporter into his strangely crowded front room and informed him that he was sick with worry at McRaws self enforced absence. When pressed on if he had any idea as to where McRaw could be MacDougall looked straight at our man with those sad, faraway eyes of his and said “who?”

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