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Jacobs Brothers set for Pop Stardom

2 Dec
The Jacobs Quartet, in the 70s

News has reached Tabloid Towers that Livingston is set to have a new  sensation ready to take the world of 70s family pop by storm.

Following on from the success of popular family beat combos, such as the Jackson Five, 5 Star and the Addams Family, turntables across the globe are set to start spinning the latest 45s from the popular Jacobs Brothers.


The four triplets – Keaghan, Kyle, Simon and Theodore – have recently signed with music mogul Simon Cowell following an impressive inpromtu stint at the mike at last year’s LSC Player of the Year award ceremony.  And now that unplanned rendition of the Dead Kennedys’ “Holiday in Cambodia” is set to propel them to international stardom, with Cowell ensuring venues across the globe are set to be packed with screaming fans.

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