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Livi 1st team squad sign up for another year!

14 Dec

(l to r) St Bobby Barr, Jonny Brown (hidden), Sparky McNulty, Craig Barr, Paul Watson, Cammy McDonald, Dr Who, Tom C, Iaian Russell

It was fun and games down at the British Motor Corporation Stadium (BMC) last night as the first team squad took time out from their hectic Poker schedule to sign ‘2012’ calendars for supporters.

Slight drizzle 

The terrible weather conditions didn’t sway the crowds as literally tens of fans queued within the club reception ahead of the signing session in eager anticipation of catching a glimpse of their footballing favourites.

It’s Tom C day every day

In a surprise move and a nod to the Tabloid’s ‘Tom C’ day celebrations yesterday the players joined in with the party spirit and donned Tom C cheeky cockney boat race masks and downed several pints of lager.

One young fan, Anna Edinburgh (5), was gifted a club calendar by her new hero St Bobby Barr. She said “I used to like Liam Fox but since that surface to air missile incident with the 747 carrying the Panda’s the other week I’ve gone right off him. Luckily for me St Bobby spotted my ‘I love Bobby Barr’ badge and took an instant shine to me.

I’ll think of Bobby every time I look at my calendar. If my mum let’s me put it up that is. She gave my dad a funny look when he asked if it would be alright if he put it on the wall in my room. Tut!”

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It’s Tom C day!

12 Dec

Guys want to be him, ladies just want him. Yes, it's our cut out n keep Tom C mask!

Yes folks, the wait is over! You’ve been waiting on tenterhooks but we know that you know that what the Tabloid promises: it delivers, and today’s the day! That’s right, it’s Tom C day! 


A firm fans’ favourite young  Tom-C has been team captain, midfield linchpin and chief gum bumper for supporters football team FC Livingston JLS ever since he founded the club back in 1984.

With an eye for the ladies and sweet line in chat young Tom C  is never found wanting for company.

Wind down

Surprisingly, for such an audacious talent, Tom C likes to relax of an evening with a chilled glass or two of Shipwrecked 1907 Heidsieck as he watches re-runs of past victories over fellow Livi fans side L’OL.

Never one to seek the limelight, Tom C shies away from the highlife. He’d much prefer to starch his large collection of authentic ‘Woody’ checked shirts. You’ll have to be up early to catch Tom C not at his best!

Be him!

Proud Peggy and John C, yesterday

Now you can be Tom C too with our special edition cut out n keep Tom C boat race mask!*

Simply click on the above  pic, print out the mask, cut around the dotted lines, insert a piece of string through the holes either side of his head and you’ll have passers-by swooning at your cheeky cockney good looks in no time!

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Gordon MacDougall tells all!

1 Dec

McRaw, in happier times

The other day, writes a Tabloid reporter, the Tabloid brought you the shocking news of the sudden disappearance of  tvLIVI operative Stewart McRaw, 50, who apparently threw his toys out the pram after being denied the opportunity of a half time cup of tea during last Saturdays match versus Ross County at the BMC.

Well to do 

So in an attempt to locate the absent lollipop sucking video coadjutant the Tabloid sought out the advice of Morningside based Livi FC chairman Gordon MacDougall.

Gordon MacDougall, yesterday

5ft 1inch MacDougall, 85, warmly ushered our reporter into his strangely crowded front room and informed him that he was sick with worry at McRaws self enforced absence. When pressed on if he had any idea as to where McRaw could be MacDougall looked straight at our man with those sad, faraway eyes of his and said “who?”

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A tale of two teams

29 Nov
Chaz T, Tom C, Chinese and Mutter, yesterday

Livi supporters have been used to a rich diet of success over the past couple of years as back to back league championships have catapulted their team back into the First Division.

And with the ‘big’ teams success still fresh in their minds two groups of young fans have made the transition from the terracing to the pitch by forming football teams as they too strive to take on the best that opposition supporters teams can throw at them.

Step forward ‘FC Livingston JLS’ (JLS) and ‘L’Olympique Lion’ (LOL).

Good looking

JLS have gone from strength to strength; hammering LOL in the inauguration Stadium Cup four nil at the BMC and picking up best newcomers in the prestigious World Cup of Internet Supporters Teams which is held bi-annually in Cleethorpes, England every June.

 Fair to middling

LOL, unfortunately, have suffered a terrible run of results. Their record to date is played twenty lost twenty, several of them by double figures.

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